Domaine Magnien SAINT-ROMAIN Bouteille


Geographic description

Saint-Romain is located about a dozen kilometers south-west of Beaune. It is known that the site of Saint-Romain has been occupied by humans for 100 thousand years thanks to the excavations that have taken place on its lands since 1966. During the Bronze Age (800 BC) the men lived at the foot of the cliffs between Meursault and the Hautes Côtes de Beaune. Our Saint-Romain comes from the locality Sous la Velle (area of 0.40 hectares), and comes from old vines (about 50 years).

Geological description

The vines are planted on stony, arid, marl-limestone soils of the Upper Jurassic. The bottom of the alluvial-colluvial valley is hollowed out in well-drained Argovian marls, well suited to the Chardonnay grape variety.

Food & Wine Agreement

This Saint-Romain will be perfect with meals such as chirashi tuna avocado or scallops with leeks.

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