The Biodynamic method, a philosophy

The biodynamic viticulture
Biological and biodynamic viticulture is often - and erroneously - confused. They have in common to use no chemical input. However, if the biological viticulture maintains the life in a natural way in the ground; the biodynamic method stimulates it and revivifies soils. Beyond a natural work without pesticides or insecticides, the biodynamic culture is a global approach which works on the valuation of the ground and the vine in its natural environment.
The biodynamy strengthens the vitality and the resistance of plants, by improving the natural exchanges between the ground and the roots on one hand, and between the sky and the plant on the other hand. This method expresses itself by two characteristics: the use of specific preparations in the vine and the consideration of moon phases.

The biodynamic method aims at revitalizing and at intensifying the organic life in the environment where the vine lives. This process has the effect of giving more life to the grounds on which take root and increase vines to reveal the expression of the Burgundy soils in their just translation. The biodynamie so allows a better connection between the plant and the ground. This exchange offers quality grapes and as will be the wine.

The cosmic phase of the biodynamic viticulture allows the plant to strengthen and to energize itself thanks to the natural powers rather than to work it against its nature. The Moon, a strong influence on liquids in particular on sap of vines, brings rhythm each step of Frédéric Magnien's in the diapason of its cycles.

The rare quality of Frédéric Magnien's wines lives in the respect of the cosmic elements, the meticulous observation of plants and the listening of the soil. Each bottle translates with loyalty the purity of appellations, the passion of the vine, and the influence of the natural elements thanks to the biodynamic principles.

The wine-ageing between wood and terracotta

Quite naturally, Frederic was led to find a logical follow-up to this philosophy in his method of winemaking.

The hand-turned terracotta jar, aromatically neutral, was chosen for the partial ageing of wines from the exceptional vintage 2015. The jar allows Frédéric to raise a more digestible organic wine that respects the purity of the fruit and the truth of its soil.

Uncovering crystalline and original wines, this ageing in jars is complementary to the traditional ageing in old barrels. From now on, the wine-ageing, shared between wood and terracotta, allows to refine the identity of its precious cuvées.

Signature of Frédéric Magnien
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