Frédéric Magnien

Portrait of a new generation winemaker

  • 1969

    Born in May 1969 in one of the most beautiful wine regions in Burgundy, Frédéric is the fifth generation winemaker of the Magnien family.
  • 1987

    He first devoted himself to the Michel Magnien Domaine in Morey-Saint-Denis, working alongside his father from 1987 to 1991.
  • 1991

    Frédéric flew away to work abroad in order to extend his knowledge and fulfill his passion. He began in California on Josh Jensen's Calera estate, and then worked in Australia with Garry Farr on the Bannockburn Vineyard estate.
  • 1993

    Back home for the 1993 grape-harvest, at Michel Magnien Domaine, he enrolled at the University of Bourgogne where he obtained his degree in oenology.
  • 1995

    In September 1995 he made one of the most important decisions of his life: he created a winemaking business under his own name based on grape buying.
    His objective was to enhance the work of winegrowers: indeed Frédéric Magnien does not own vines but plays an important role as consultant with the growers whom he works with throughout the year. This enables him to select plots of mostly older vines (over 40 years old) and to buy very high quality grapes, at optimum maturity, from among the noblest of Burgundy appellations. He can then, from the grape-picking, explore the aromatic diversity of the Côte de Nuits terroir, building on the wine grower's dedicated work.

    The constant search of quality and the respect for the Terroirs lead Frédéric Magnien to organic viticulture. We are invested in this direction to sublimate the exceptional purity from the soil to the wines. 
  • 1996

    Since 1996, each step in the wine-making process has followed the rhythms of the moon cycles.
  • 2008

    Some of our products have been certified AB (Organic Agriculture) since 2008 and many of the others will soon be, by following the organic schedule of conditions of culture and vinification controlled by Ecocert.
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