Domaine Magnien NUITS-SAINT-GEORGES Premier Cru Les Pruliers Bouteille

Les Pruliers

Geographic description

There are two origins in the name of Nuits-Saint-Georges. The first comes from "Nux" which means "Nuts" in Latin or the "Nuithon" a barbarian tribe associated Burgundians. In 1680, Louis XIV with digestive disorders is advised by his doctor to drink a glass of Nuits-Saint-Georges every day. The appellation covers 175 hectares and produces structured wines for aging.

Geological description

This parcel is located in the southern area between Nuits-Saint-Georges and Premeaux-Prissey. Before being planted in vines, the land was probably colonized by wild plum ("pruniers" in French). Exposed east, the soil is dark brown, reddish.

Food & Wine Agreement

This Premier Cru will marry duck breast with green pepper sauce.

    13% vol
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