Domaine Magnien MEURSAULT Les Casse-Têtes Bouteille

Les Casse-Têtes

Geographic description

In 1168, the monks of Cîteaux received from the daughter of Duke Capetian Hugues, 60 hectares of vines on Meursault. 50 years later it was the turn of the Abbey of Tart to bequeath its territories to the monks and the donations continued during the Middle Ages. Today the Meursault AOC has an area of 395 hectares composed of 96% white wines.

Geological description

Nestled at the top of the village of Meursault, the plot of Casse-Têtes is set on rock. It owes its name to a stony soil. The story tells that it was necessary to BREAK HEADS ("Casser les têtes" in French) of rocks on the surface in order to plant the vine. Despite a rather cold soil, its excellent exposure allows the grapes of this plot to ripen fully.

Food & Wine Agreement

This Meursault is ideally accompanied by fish with firm flesh.

    13% vol
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